Dropping 9kg in ten weeks

I currently trying to loose 9kgs in ten weeks. It’s going pretty good since I’m down 0,5kg in three days. I was 89kg when I started. I have been trying to loose weight in different iterations but never succeeded in the long run. I tried different approaches and all I’m saying is that you need to find your own way. All diets works but works better and worse for some people. I do the four hour body http://fourhourbody.com/ diet and work out 4-5 times a week. Works pretty good and I’ll be checking in again to report the results!


Working remote

I know alot of people want a job where you can travel and work remote. “Internet nomad” is really a term of our decade and I found a really cool project called Remote year where 75 people are travelling to 12 destinations (one month for every place) and work on their projects. I think this is a great idea because if you have worked by yourself you know that it could get very lonely, very fast. So check it out and apply now if you are interested. I can’t this year but maybe I’ll do it next year!

Live your best life!

Too many people are living a life that they don’t enjoy. Going to jobs that they hate and living in destrusctive relationships. Life is too short and one of our goals with this blog is to inspire people to what they really want in their life. Therefore we want to start with a list of insiprational speakers, you should youtube these guys and listen to what they have to say. They target different types of people in different speaches but if you listen to them all I think you can gain great knowledge:

Eric Thomas


Les Brown


Tony Robbins